Why far infrared

Reasons why you choose Sundirect Infrared heater

Comfortable heating



Infrared panel heaters emit a very high ratio of heat as radiant heat. This is on the same wavelength as the healthiest rays from the sun. Infrared panels heat objects directly, rather than warming the air (which is what convection heat does), and thus creates the best and cosiest feeling warmth for you. Compared with the convection heaters, there is no air circulation caused, and therefore no dust or raising of the humidity in the room when using infrared panel heaters, which creates a clean and healthy room air climate.

Energy saving


Infrared heaters directly heat any objects or bodies in range, meaning the heat is stored much longer resulting into energy savings.
Using the heater with thermostat, once the desired room temperature is reached, the heater will turn off automatically!




SUNDIRECT fully respects the international environment policy, using all the material that is lead free (ROHS, REACH certificate). We highly recommend our customer to use the Infrared heater combine with the wind generation systems or photovoltaic systems and thus make an active contribution to a more eco-friendly society.